OCLN | Open Content Legal News – 8 Feb 2008

OCLN — Open content legal news, a worldwide selection of news and events about open content with a focus on the legal side of things from Jordan Hatcher, legal consultant.

Report on Ordnance Survey licensing practices. Free Our Data covers in this post the report from the Commons Select Committee on Communities and Local Government looking into Ordnance Survey’s licensing and business model. From the report recommendations:

The fact that Ordnance Survey has included clauses in licences that effectively require competitors not to compete with it or to complain about it provides a clear example of why both private sector and governmental organisations sometimes perceive it to be acting uncompetitively and unfairly. No such condition should again be included in any licence.

Ordnance Survey is Britain’s national mapping agency.

Podcast with John Wilbanks. The head of Science Commons talks with Ellen Duranceau of MIT Libraries News about SC and open data.

Duncan Bucknell interviews Jeremy Phillips. The topic: “IP issues are business issues“.

IP addresses and personal data. Of particular interest to EU readers, the EU Law Blog discusses Case C-275/06 Promusicae v. Telefónica, which is about the interaction between personal data, file sharing, copyright enforcement, and rightsholders requesting information from ISPs.

Selling abandoned CDs as a crime. Patry covers the US case of United States v. Chalupnik, 2008 WL 268997 (8th Cir. Feb. 1, 2008), court’s docket no. 07-1355 where a postal worker took rubbish CDs (probably in both senses of the term) and sold them.

And some fun things…

Open Source magic. Via the CC Blog, The Art of Magical Words uses a CC licence for part of the book on how to create spells.

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