ISWC linked data and the law

database_copyright.001 Slides are now up for my presentation as part of the International Semantic Web Conference tutorial, Legal and Social Frameworks for Sharing Data on the Web.  Thanks to Leigh, Kaitlin, and Tom for their excellent presentations, as well as thanks to the audience for such great questions! Open Data and the Law.

UPDATE Everyone’s slides are linked to through the ISWC wiki page on our tutorial and will soon be up on the tutorial homepage.

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  2. Paola Di Maio says:

    Greetings, Jordan, I am a copyright and copyleft consultant in the UK, and went through your slides, but could not get the message, could you summarize what are the issues behind open data commons? Since we both issue and write licenses, what is legal position of the open data commons license, and how do we write one in that applies to UK jurisdiction?

  3. Jordan says:

    Hi Paola

    Great to meet you. The slides are designed for presenting and so aren’t an outline of the talk, but everyone seems to want a copy of the slides, so I provide them. As you’ll no doubt know, it’s a bit hard to summarize all the legal detail, but the three key points are:

    1. legal rights can cover databases and data
    2. legal rights require legal solutions
    3. legal solutions for open data exist.

    As to the hairy details, I’ll be giving a screencast on the topic out in the next few weeks.

    On your last point however — the Open Data Commons set of licenses apply worldwide, so there is NO need to do a UK specific version. The project is not taking the approach of Creative Commons and doing porting, and instead is more like the GPL or the BSD licenses in having a single version worldwide (a bit like the CC unported license).

    I should flag up that the OKF is doing an event in November on linked data in London, where I’ll be speaking on linked data and the law and be giving a similar presentation to the one I gave here at ISWC.

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