Tattoos and anime – new slides and papers now up

Just a quick note to say that I’ve been putting some of my older slides and past working papers up on the net lately, plus I’m making more use of my account to host my presentations. Among these, I’ve posted:

My recent two talks at the fantastic Future Everything conference are also now up: Open: Rewards and Challenges and Intro to Open Data Commons.

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2 Responses to Tattoos and anime – new slides and papers now up

  1. Johan says:

    Your paper Drawing in Permanent Ink looks really interesting. The version on SSRN seems to be a draft since it has some of your comments highlighted yellow in it, perhaps this was intentional…

    • Jordan says:

      Thanks Johan. I mentioned it on the first page of the PDF download from SSRN that this is a working paper from back in 2005/06 that I never got the chance to complete. I routinely get asked for a copy of it (as it’s been cited in a few places), so I thought I’d go ahead and post it as a working paper rather than belatedly respond to people. Glad you enjoyed it.

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