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About Jordan

Jordan has made the study of intellectual property and IT law, especially US/UK/EU comparative aspects, his main focus. He is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, and holds an advanced degree in IP and technology law from the University of Edinburgh School of Law, in Edinburgh, Scotland. His ties to the creative and business sides of copyright go back to his undergraduate study in radio, television, and film at the University of North Texas, where he concentrated on documentary film studies and creating really bad video shorts about delivering pizza. He has maintained these ties by presenting at workshops for moviemakers, by volunteering at film festivals, and by covering film whenever he can as a member of the press.

Jordan has worked on a number of projects related to open content and copyright, including a study by the CIE about UK public sector use of Creative Commons and similar licences in 2005, an Eduserv Foundation funded study on use of open content by the cultural heritage sector in 2007, and on the Creative Commons Scotland localisation in 2005 and in 2007. Jordan has also led open source software reviews within companies and is very active in advising companies about OSS use and risk.

Starting in 2007, Jordan helped start a leading edge project providing legal tools for open data, which you can find at OpenDataCommons.org.

As to other formal qualifications, Jordan is licensed to practice in the State of Texas, and is a member of various sections of the Texas Bar related to technology and intellectual property. He currently lives in the UK, where he consults on a wide variety of projects, many of which are mentioned on this site.

For more details, you may wish to see visit jordanhatcher.com.

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