COMMUNIA Public Domain event 18 January 2008

The work we’ve been doing on open data would be a nice fit at this event:

COMMUNIA Workshop: “Technology and the public domain” (18/01/2008)

Organized by the NEXA Center for Internet & Society of
the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) this event takes aim
at the international debate about the “digital commons” and the
complex relationship between technological innovation and today’s
mass usage of digital technologies. The Workshop provides an
opportunity for experts and innovators in digital technologies to
meet with other stakeholders, opinion leaders, and policy makers in
order to deepen and share their understanding of the role of
technology in shaping the present and future of our digital commons.

After the opening plenary talk at 9:15 on “Technology, the law and
the public domain” (by Rishab Ghosh, MERIT, University of Maastricht)
the workshop will continue for the entire day with three different
topic sessions, addressing technology issues, software tools and
formats, and infrastructure matters — all of them related to the
development of the “digital commons” as a general mainframe, and the
science commons in particular.

The list of confirmed speakers includes Keith Jeffery (Current Research
Information Systems, president ERCIM), Nathan Yergler (CTO Creative
Commons), Robert Horvitz (Open Spectrum Foundation), Philippe Aigrain
(Society for Public Information Spaces), Xavier Serra (Universitat
Pompeu Fabra), Juan Carlos De Martin (COMMUNIA Coordinator), Andrea
Glorioso (NEXA Research Center for Internet and Society).

A wrap-up session and closing discussion is scheduled at 16:00.

The workshop will take place in Torino (Italy), at the Aula Magna of
the Politecnico of Torino at the Lingotto (Via Nizza 230).

Admission is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required.

More information and program details:
Media inquiries: press ]AT[