Gum Gum image licensing

Reported at techcrunch (HT to Trademark Blog), Gum Gum is a new platform for licensing images:

Attributor, a Silicon Valley startup, helps content owners track their intellectual property to find examples of infringement. But until now, no one has really thought about a better way to license content on the Internet, so that both large and tiny publishers have an incentive to avoid simply stealing stuff.

That’s where GumGum comes in. Images today are generally licensed for a flat fee, exclusively or non-exclusively. GumGum founders Ophir Tanz and Ari Mir think a better way is to charge for impressions, or on an advertising-supported basis. But tracking image impressions isn’t trivial, so they first had to build a platform to do that.

Images are available either ad-supported or on a cost per impression basis, and are in flash to serve the ads or track the impressions (as appropriate). Interesting way of monetizing content on the web.