New Open Data Commons site

We’ve created a site solely for the Open Data Commons project. This is the continuation of all of the work we’ve been doing over here at opencontentlawyer.

I’ve crossposted below the announcement of the new set of legal tools on the Open Data Commons site. The original post is here.


The new Open Data Commons set of legal tools are now available for comment. There are two documents for you to review:

Public Domain Dedication & Licence (PDDL)

Community Norms

We’ve created a FAQ for some of the initial questions here. A FAQ addressing some of the in-depth legal issues of the PDDL will be forthcoming.

The current draft PDDL is compliant with the newly released Science Commons draft protocol for the “Open Access Data Mark” and with the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Open Definition.

Read the protocol here and read the announcement on the Science Commons blog here. The Open Definition is available at .

You can read the Creative Commons announcement here, and read about their new implementation of the protocol, CC ∅ here.


Please note that the Open Data Commons Database Licence and the Factual Information Licence are on hold during development of the new legal tools (the PDDL and Community Norms) but not forgotten.