OCLN | Open Content Legal News – 22 Feb 2008

New CC licences

Puerto Rico launched their Creative Commons ports today, making PR the 44th port of the CC set of licences. CC announcement. CC Puerto Rico site.

Two new jurisdiction specific CC licences on their way as Norwegian and Ecuadorian draft Creative Commons licences are now available for comment. Ecuador. Norway. CC Announcement.

Queensland to use Creative Commons licences for public sector information, and the Australian federal government may soon follow suit. Guardian coverage.

New CCZero framework

Based in part on comments on CCZero such as those I’ve outlined here, Creative Commons is to change course and take a new approach for CCZero inspired by Open Data Commons and the Public Domain Dedication and Licence.

CC and free cultural works.

Creative Commons licences now distinguish which ones are compatible with “free cultural works” definition. They have a snazzy new logo on the CC licences that match the FCW definition, which would be the Attribution (CC-BY) and Attribution Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) licences.

The Open Gaming License is apparently getting a redraft. The Open Gaming License is used for Dungeon and Dragons.

Open content and business links

A new paper on the creative industries and small and medium sized businesses is out (via openbusiness.cc) Phase Three – The New Entrepreneurial Economy (February 2008) subtitle: The New Artisan Economy. I’d blockquote an excerpt of it, but the PDF file has technological restrictions on it.

Kevin Kelly and free. Kevin Kelly has some thoughts on internet distribution and content:

When copies are super abundant, they become worthless.
When copies are super abundant, stuff which can’t be copied becomes scarce and valuable.

Food for thought, especially given Chris Anderson’s move to FREE looking at the same area for his new book (more on the long tail blog).

And in related news..

In case you missed the facebook group or the new webiste, Lawrence Lessig, whose name is almost synonymous with Creative Commons licences, is very seriously considering running for US Congress.

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