OCLN | Open content legal news – 25 January 2008

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ACIA in Taiwan

People are posting about the meeting on the 19-20 in Taiwan of ACIA: the International Workshop on Asia and Commons in the Information Age, including Terry Fischer’s keynote “Solutions to the copyright crisis,”…

in which he sought to combine legal reforms and business models with digital technologies that compensate creators while enabling cultural and economic benefits.

Creative Commons story


Technollama reports back on the COMMUNIA workshop last week, including Séverine Dussolier’s interesting concept of a “positive public domain”. Hopefully we’ll see more about this idea.

Open education

The Cape Town Open Education Declaration announced this week has a call for open licences:

Second, we call on educators, authors, publishers and institutions to release their resources openly. These open educational resources should be freely shared through open licences which facilitate use, revision, translation, improvement and sharing by anyone.

Iterating Toward Openness has a collection of press around the declaration.

Other interesting bits

Scarcity vs scale: Some thoughts on business models for museums and online content from electronic museum.

Somewhere along the line we’ll understand the importance of embracing rather than denying the proliferation of copying, pasting, borrowing. To get there we need to be better at understanding what value is, and that’s hard.

Google to Host Terabytes of Open-Source Science Data via WIRED. What “open source” licences will they be using?

Madisonian.net comments on law prof blogs and the use of Creative Commons licences.

Recent academic articles

O’Sullivan, Maureen. “Creative Commons and contemporary copyright: A fitting shoe or “a load of old cobblers“?” First Monday [Online], Volume 13 Number 1 (13 January 2008).

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