New upload – Open Data handout and presentation

Nov 28
I gave a talk on the 23rd of November on database rights and open data, as mentioned earlier on this blog. I’ve uploaded the handout

New upload – CC Salon presentation

Nov 28
On 20 November, I spoke at the London CC Salon about the results of the report on open content licences and the UK cultural heritage

‘CC-0’: A new Creative Commons licence in the works

Nov 26
Hidden in an announcement about releasing US federal court opinions on its site (these works are not in copyright), Creative Commons and the

Thanks for blogging about the new Snapshot Study

Nov 26
Thanks to all who have blogged about the new report, supported and funded by Eduserv, on the use of open content licences such as Creative

Speaking tonight – CC Salon

Nov 20
Just a reminder, I’ll be heading to London for the CC Salon to speak about my recent report, funded by Eduserv, on open content and

Update process for a 3.01 Creative Commons licence launched

Oct 12
Just 8 months after CC versioned up to 3.0, Creative Commons has announced a new round of public comments for a 3.01. The big change

Survey analysis: What would you like to see?

Oct 09
As I mentioned on the 3rd, the survey about the use of open content licences by the UK cultural heritage community is now closed. We’ve