Science Commons and the Open Data Commons

Sep 27
Another comment from a discussion on Nodalities, this time about Creative Commons and databases: Science Commons has a page with some explanations regarding Creative Commons

Open database licence and contracts – Anti-commons?

Sep 26
A question about contract and the Open Data Commons Database licence came up on one of the lists. Why would I want to apply *additional*

Cultural heritage survey – 60+ respondents and counting

Sep 26
Quick update. The survey on open content licensing and UK cultural heritage organisations has over 60 respondents. We have extended the survey, and hope to

Open Data Commons — Questions and a response

Sep 25
Rob Myers wrote some excellent questions, and here is a response. I separated it out to a blog post to make it a bit more

Open Data Commons – Licence now out

Sep 24
Introducing the draft Open Data Commons – Databases licence This licence was inspired by the Talis Community Licence, and draws heavily from the work of

Thoughts on drafting an open data licence

Sep 10
Open access to data, or just ‘open data’ is an issue that has been making the rounds in the scientific community for quite some time

Tackling open data

Aug 25
One of the areas that I will be posting on in the next couple of weeks is open data. My latest project is to re-draft