Tackling open data

One of the areas that I will be posting on in the next couple of weeks is open data. My latest project is to re-draft an existing open data licence into a format for worldwide use, much in the same vein of Creative Commons. If you have an interest in open data, please contact me. More details to follow.

TV unFestival

Not much to recap at the moment, but today I’m at the BBC Backstage’s TV unFestival. I presented on Creative Commons and had some lively discussion as a result. Kevin Anderson has a post that recaps some of the morning’s sessions.

CC and Spain update via Technollama

(Via TechnoLlama.)

One more case in the ongoing battle in Spain between SGAE and small bars over copyleft music. Derecho de Internet reports on this latest appeal by the SGAE against a bar in Madrid called ‘Buenavistilla Social Club’. The collecting society initially lost the case and therefore appealed to have the ruling reversed. In the latest sentence, the court argued that evidence presented by the defendants indicated that the locale played alternative music, also known as ‘música libre’ or copyleft, and therefore dismissed the appeal and allowed the initial ruling to stand.

Read more at Technollama: New copyleft ruling in Spain

Survey of open content licences out

Cross posted at twitchgamer.net **New survey on open content licences** Use of open content licences by cultural heritage organisations The Eduserv Foundation is funding a study into the use of Creative Archive, Creative Commons and similar open content licences by cultural heritage organisations in the United Kingdom. The study is being led by legal consultant Jordan Hatcher of opencontentlawyer.com. The survey is available here: This survey is open to UK-based cultural heritage organisations such as museums, libraries, galleries, archives, film and video organisations, broadcasters, and other organisations that conduct cultural heritage activities. The goal of this study is to provide information on the actual use of Creative Archive, Creative Commons, and similar licences. This information will be

Welcome to the new blog


This is my new blog/website. The goal will be to discuss issues of copyright and content, with a focus on open content (broadly defined) and licences such as Creative Commons, Creative Archive, and many others.