REM uses Artistic License 2.0 for video content

Feb 28
I just wanted to highlight quickly that music group R.E.M. has released content apparently under the Artistic License 2.0, a Open Source Initiative and Free

CC Korea International Conference – public sector use on agenda

Feb 28
(Via Creative Commons » CC News.) 1st CC Korea International Conference: “‘Open Culture in CC’ is the theme of the first CC Korea International Conference,

Using surveillance technology to protect copyright online

Feb 22
The BBC reports on a new use for iris scanning technology: online copyright enforcement. Iris scanning and recognition technology is being used for biometric identification,

Open Data Commons article now up

Feb 22
I have a new article out that I’ve written for the Open Source Business Resource, which is now available in the February issue. Implementing Open

OCLN | Open Content Legal News – 22 Feb 2008

Feb 22
New CC licences Puerto Rico launched their Creative Commons ports today, making PR the 44th port of the CC set of licences. CC announcement. CC

Gum Gum image licensing

Feb 15
Reported at techcrunch (HT to Trademark Blog), Gum Gum is a new platform for licensing images: Attributor, a Silicon Valley startup, helps content owners track

English subs, worldwide audiences, anime, and open content

Feb 14
Alan Toner notes on his blog that when releasing Steal This Film 2, that having English Subtitles enabled the film to be translated into multiple