Creative Commons against copyright?

Jan 09
Yesterday I was at the British Library at the launch of the UK Intellectual Property Office’s new consultation “Taking forward the Gowers Review of Intellectual

New Open Data Commons site

Dec 17
We’ve created a site solely for the Open Data Commons project. This is the continuation of all of the work we’ve been doing over here

Happy birthday Creative Commons

Dec 15
Today is the celebration of 5 years of Creative Commons licences. Creative Commons was created in 2001 by a group of legal academics with a

Forthcoming announcement on open data

Dec 13
As promised, a new draft of the Open Data Commons is forthcoming. I can’t say just what yet, but this weekend an announcement will be

COMMUNIA Public Domain event 18 January 2008

Dec 12
The work we’ve been doing on open data would be a nice fit at this event: COMMUNIA Workshop: “Technology and the public domain” (18/01/2008) Organized

Open Knowledge (OKCon) 2008: LSE, London, 15th March 2008

Dec 06
Details below: Open Knowledge (OKCon) 2008: LSE, London, 15th March 2008 OKCon 2008 – ‘Open Knowledge: Applications, Tools and Services’ where: London School of Economics,

Wikipedia to support migration to CC-BY-SA licensing

Dec 03
Wikipedia is currently under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), a licence that causes incompatibility problems with the content also being released under Creative Commons