REM uses Artistic License 2.0 for video content

I just wanted to highlight quickly that music group R.E.M. has released content apparently under the Artistic License 2.0, a Open Source Initiative and Free Software Foundation approved license, meant to cover software, for 11 videos for the first song of their new album.

Coverage: Read Write Web | CNET | o’reilly

To get access to the content, you go to the album site:

It is a really neat flash site with a really cool way of integrating the videos. Down on the lower right corner are the track/video numbers. If you click on them, you get the download in a massive ZIP file. I downloaded number one and it was 245MB — this is because they are High Definition mp4 files. I didn’t see the actual license on the page, and it wasn’t included in the download ZIP file.

The Artistic License is an interesting choice as it is built for software and not content, though I’ll have to dig further into it and how they’ve labeled the content.