Thanks for your support at SoTM

Thanks for all the donations to come to Amsterdam to speak at State of the Map.


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I had a great time and really enjoyed getting to meet many of you. We raised 175 pounds and my total expenses ended up being:

  • €124 for return train travel Reading, UK to Amsterdam (savings of €35 from projected 159 €)
  • €301 for 2 nights hotel (and breakfast) (€21 over the projected 280€)
  • €0 for bicycle rental at Damstraat (savings from the projected €32 – the hotel was closer to the venue than originally planned)
  • €45 (15/day) for incidentals and food while traveling (a savings of €30 from the projected 75€ at 25/day).
  • 0 Community Passport registration at SOTM (a savings of €100 due to the kindness of SoTM — thanks everyone!)

New Total 470 Euros or 403 pounds (Was 646€ a savings of 176).

We’re still short £223, so please donate.

At SoTM, I presented on who Open Data Commons and the Open Knowledge Foundation are, how the project came about, and where we are going. I also covered in detail how the Open Database License works in practice, and answered lots of questions, both on stage and in great conversations with all of you. I also got to have great chats with many commercial users and supporters, including Yahoo! and Lonely Planet.

Thanks again to everyone that contributed to the development of the license, especially the OSM legal working group and OSMF’s legal counsel.

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