TRIP project – Traditional Music and Intellectual Property

At this year’s Gikii conference, Richard Jones of Liverpool John Moores University (where he is a Reader in Law and IT) has a new project. He together with RA Roksana Ghaffrinik, are looking in to traditional music and IP. The core of the study, from what I gather, is folk music and copyright (rather than “IP”), and specifically if Creative Commons fits with the social norms and specific problems of the genre. From the site:

The research is undertaken by the School of Law at JMU and is analysing the relationship between traditional music and the laws of intellectual property. In addition the research is considering initiatives such as the Creative Commons that attempt to deal with imbalances in the intellectual property regimes. This survey is part of data gathering and analysis on the impact of intellectual property in the creative music industry and will, if possible, be supplemented by face to face interviews with local musicians and representatives of the music industry.

The site is available at, and the survey is available here.

The project is a continuation of an earlier paper:

R Jones and E Cameron, “Full fat, Semi-Skimmed or No Milk Today? Creative Commons Licenses and English Folk Music”, International Review of Law, Computers and Technology, Volume 19, Number 3, November 2005, pp 259-275 (17). [Link].

Jones’s slide presentation from Gikii is available here.